Enviro Coat Primer


Tough waterborne acrylic rust inhibiting primer - work while vessel is in service - highly surface tolerant - tolerates wet surfaces - high penetration - excellent adhesion to sound tigh adhering rust or to bare steel - no profiles required for complete adhesion - hard but flexible -fast drying and recoatable - non hazardous - non flammable - easy cleanup with water - can be overcoated with any product.

Recommended Uses

Ballast tanks, double hulls, void areas, bulkheads, wet areas, decks or where traditional surface preparation is difficult.

Surface Preparation

All loose rust, scale and flaking paint must be removed, powertool cleaning (St 1 - 3) or high pressure hydrojetting (680 - 1700 bar), pending on surface. Wash down surface with fresh water to reduce contaminants and salts.



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